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About EPPO Data Services

EPPO Data Services (EDS) allow you to extract data without using a graphical interface (i.e. machine to machine) from the EPPO coding system, such as downloading the EPPO Codes for incorporation into your own IT systems, or running particular queries directly in the database. Learn more about the EPPO Codes

EDS is mainly addressed to IT specialists, although quick online tools can be used by anyone to get codes/names directly from the database without any programing skills.
All available services can be accessed from your dashboard once you have created your own account and accepted the terms of the Open Data Licence (pdf).


What can I do with EPPO Data Services ?
With a minimum of coding you can:

And much more. The only limit is your creativity :)

Download EPPO Codes

In order to help you to integrate EPPO Codes into your own IT systems, the EPPO Secretariat has created several export formats.

Format name File type Documentation
Bayer flat file TXT read more
XML Datapacket XML read more
XML Access XML read more
XML Full XML read more
SQLite database SQLite3 in preparation
SQL queries TXT in preparation
LogShipping method ZIP read more

Online tools

The EPPO Secretariat has developed two types of rapid online tools for obtaining lists of codes/names from the EPPO database:

Fast text processing tools for obtaining a short list of codes/names with a simple cut and paste operation.

Batch processing tools for uploading an Excel file, suitable for longer lists of codes/names.

You can find them once logged in, in your dashboard.


EDS is using the concept of REST (REpresentational State Transfer) which implies a simple client-server (request-response) architecture. The simple one-line functions which are used to query the EPPO databases are here referred to as REST API.

Available REST API queries

Which languages can I use ?

The REST API can be used with the following languages :

And many more.