EPPO Codes Open Data Licence

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You may re-use the EPPO Codes made available by EPPO under the freedoms and the conditions specified by this licence.


Re-use of EPPO Codes under this licence
EPPO grants the « Re-user » a worldwide, perpetual, free of charge, non-exclusive, personal right to use the EPPO Codes subject to this licence under the freedoms and the conditions set out below.


You are free to re-use the EPPO Codes:


You must, where you do any of the above:


EPPO Codes are made available as produced or received by EPPO, without any other express or tacit guarantee not specified in this licence.

EPPO guarantees that it makes the currently available EPPO Codes free of charge, under the freedoms and the conditions defined by this licence. It cannot guarantee that the EPPO Codes do not contain any error or irregularity. It does not guarantee the continued supply of the EPPO Codes. It shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused to third parties resulting from their re-use.

The « Re-user » is solely responsible for its re-use of the EPPO Codes. The re-use shall not mislead third parties or misrepresent the content of the EPPO Codes, their source and time of last update.


Derivative information
« Derivative information » means new data or information which has been created either directly from the EPPO Codes, or using a combination of the EPPO Codes and other data or information not subject to this licence.


« Re-user » means any natural or legal person who re-uses the EPPO Codes in accordance with the freedoms and the conditions of this licence.


Contains EPPO Codes (www.eppo.int)